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Check the YouTube episode from PREV_PKDL project, highlighting the achievements on flow cytometry initiatives across Africa and diving into the logistical challenges they face.

FlowStars video Prev_Pkdl cytometers.jpg

Open conversations with the big hitters of Flow Cytometry, presented by Dr. Peter O'Toole. In this episode, we're joined by two PREV_PKDL project members: Karen Hogg, Technical Specialist at the University of York, and Margaret Mbuchi, Principal Research Scientist at the the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI).


Karen sheds light on the hurdles of transporting cytometers and reagents to African countries, while Margaret discusses the complexities of recruiting study participants in areas of civil unrest.

Watch this episode of Flow Stars at >


Don't miss out the following segments of insightful conversation:

▶️ 32.00 to 37:00 a hint on PREV_PKDL the project

▶️ 39:00-40:00 and 44:00-47:00 discussion on problems within the project

▶️ 59.00 about the project impact in the fight against #leishmaniasis

🔉If you are more a podcasts fan, you can follow this link to access the audio version on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and more:

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